All Visits Included for One Low Monthly Fee

Enjoy the freedom and security of having an unlimited amount of visits -- when you need it, where you need it, for everyone in your family. With guaranteed, same-day appointments for acute visits, you no longer have to worry about waiting for hours in a stale and unwelcoming waiting room. 

After Hours Access

24/7 access to your Personal Physician for Concierge Membership means that you have medical guidance at all hours of the night, including weekends, to help with medical questions. It is as simple as texting your Physician and then receiving a call back. If needed, we will provide a telemedicine visit or home visit at any time you need us. With no difficult call-centers to navigate, you always have direct access to your Physician when you need it the most.

Procedure Discounts

Receive significant discounts on all of our listed procedures.

Next Generation Health Surveillance

Share the health information you collect everyday on your smartphone with your Physician. We leverage your favorite fitness apps in order to follow your health more closely. Your Physician will monitor the vital signs, diet, exercise, and other laboratory values that you share with us on a weekly basis. This enables us to make small changes and suggestions for your health as a preventative measure for other health problems. 

Next Generation Genetic Screening

Next Generation Genetic Screening is a service which incorporates your genetics into your health plan. We partner with laboratories that provide genetic information from a saliva sample and use that information to create a personal health plan which is tailored specifically to you. 

Insurance Consultations are Included

With the help of your Physician, you now have the information to select the best health insurance plan which meets you and your family's needs. Your Physician will sit down with you and help you anticipate health costs for the next year, as well as provide guidance with insurance selection. 

$175/month for an individual or $600/month for a family of four

All listed Concierge Membership services are provided for $175 a month per individual membership.

Family Concierge Memberships are $600 a month for a family of two adults and two children (additional family members may be added for an additional fee)

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatments included


You may select a three-month trial period, after which you may renew your membership for six or twelve month duration.


If you are ready to enroll or want more information contact Dr. Huber at the link below.

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