Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

In the U.S., there are two types of medical degrees, -- MD and DO. Both degrees are equivalent and allow the physician to practice full unrestricted medicine. Both undergo 4 years of medical school and then at least 3 years of specialty training in which both MD and DO physicians are trained together. The difference is that DO physicians have approximately 200 extra hours of musculoskeletal evaluation and treatment training in medical school. This training is called Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT). 


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Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment is the powerful tool that DO physicians receive during specialty training in medical school that allows us to treat the body as a whole as oppossed to independent organ systems. Powerfully effective and backed by over 100 years evidence, it is able to help diagnose and treat patients with back pain, neck pain, joint pain, chest pain, headaches, respiratory infections and cardiovascular disease.


With the use of physical manipulation -- which is targeted directly towards your specific diagnosis and the changes that diagnosis causes on your musculoskeletal and lymphatic systems -- OMT is able to speed up a complete recovery. All of the techniques used have been proven to be effective and safe when applied appropriately. 


"I use it with my own family and strongly endorse and practice OMT." ~ Dr. Trevor Huber


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